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+ Michigan Hauntings +

....are you scared?

Michigan Hauntings and Paranormal Happenings
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Hi! Welcome to Michigan Haunts!

This community is for anyone to post about local hauntings, stories/any tales you may have heard, picture posting, tips for ghost hunting, pictures of sightings, personal stories, questions, comments or concerns are welcomed. Also anything paranormal, not just ghosts if you so perfer. Talk to people who have experienced something that they can't explain, or can, and find out all about it - basically post anything relating to ghosts, paranormal, and Michigan!

Have fun and meet new people who are interested in the same thing you are! Remember to post longer entries beind lj-cut. Thanks :-)

Also if you have any ideas reguarding the community you are encouraged to let one of the mods know! :o)

..:Great websites to check out - these given from members of the community:..
* http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/michigan.htm
* http://forgottenmichigan.com/
* http://www.ghostzoo.com/
* http://www.ghostlabs.com
* http://www.ghosttowns.com
* http://www.ghostmag.com/issues/2004-06/2004-06-Tech-AurasandOrbs.html

-Your creator and maintainer is shysweetheart who is now __jamielee
-Maintainer is testemunha
-Maintainer is kissdbyagnome

if you are interested in becoming a mod please check out this post here and email shysweetheart160@aol.com

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