Matt Busch (planetmatt) wrote in michigan_haunts,
Matt Busch

New Video: The Otherworldly Photography of Paul Michael Kane

Wanna see some cool dark and creepy photography?

I've just produced a new video that focuses on award-winning photographer Paul Michael Kane's contributions to the current deck of Konxari Cards. Many of you already know Paul, as he's been the designer and webmaster of for ten years. Our roots run deep, having worked on a myriad of projects together, including the Style D one sheet movie poster for STAR WARS: Revenge of the Sith.

In this video, you'll see some of Paul's extraordinary work that led him to be the official Konxari photographer. You also hear some of the stories behind the eerie images, and get a taste of how Kane creates such breath-taking and evocative photos.

Konxari: The Otherworldly Photography of Paul Michael Kane

Be sure to keep up with all of Paul's amazing photography at

You can find out more about Konxari Cards at
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