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Matt Busch

My Independent Movie Preorder at!

I know this is a ghost hunting / haunted community- which I love, but a few of you had expressed interest in when my Independent Horror Movie was coming to DVD and how you could order it. The story is definitely on hauntings, ghosts, and ghost hunting. It's also cool becuase it's partly an actual documentary... Partly...

So here it is! The first place that you can preorder my first Independent Movie, CONJURE, on DVD. Click
HERE to order it at!

I'm obviously very excited about this! And- they are running a special for pre-orders- ONLY $9.77!!! There will be many other places you can get it online soon, but I especially wanted to give the heads up on this one becuase of a cool CONTEST they are having! Here's the deal...

They just posted the order page- AND- the first ten folks who preorder CONJURE will win either FREE ORIGINAL ARTWORK or POSTERS signed by yours truly! What are you waiting for?! Click that link above!

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As always, if you want to find out more about CONJURE, you can get the scoop and download the trailer at

Thanks so much for your support!

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